Luna natural sleep aid review

The Luna natural sleep aid is a sleep supplement that helps people to fall asleep faster and to have a sound sleep. The supplement works by interfering with body processes that inhibit sleep such as reduction of melatonin in the body hence promoting quality sleep to those who consume it. The supplement makes its consumer have a sense of relaxation and calmness, therefore, making him fall asleep faster. Luna natural sleep aid also fights stress and anxiety since they are the primary cause of lack of sleep and consequently, the consumer sleeps well.

Those who consume Luna natural sleep aid wakes up in the morning feeling relaxed, energetic and restful. The supplement is natural and therefore it does not have any side effect such as hangovers or drowsiness to its users.

Manufacturer information and claims about Luna natural sleep aid

Luna natural sleep aid supplement is a product manufactured by a company known as Nested Naturals. The manufacturers say that this product is naturally produced and scientific research done on it shows that it is safe for human consumption. The manufacturer’s clinical tests done on it proves that it is useful and it does not have side effects due to its natural nature. They say that Luna natural sleep aid is different from other sleep enhancement pills since it does not addict its consumers and it does not contain chemical drugs in it. They say that this supplement is of high quality since they follow strict set rules in its production to produce useful supplement without compromising the quality. They also assure that use of Lunar natural sleep aid will not affect the user’s health since it is free from chemicals and additives. Manufactures says that the use of this supplement helps one to catch sleep fast and also helps the user to sleep all night without waking up in intervals at night.

The ingredients of Luna natural sleep aid

Lunar natural aid supplement is a product that manufacturers say that it is formed using natural ingredients without incorporation of chemical substances. These ingredients are believed to comprehend each other, and therefore they make it useful when used giving high-quality results and benefit to the consumers. The following are some of the ingredients that are used when formulating Luna natural sleep aid.  

1. Valerian 

Valerian is a herb, and the sleep medicine is made from its roots. It treats inability to sleep by fighting stress hence promoting quality of the sleep 

2. Chamomile

It is a plant whose products have been used for a mild sedative. it is also used to better the quality of the sleep 

3. Lemon balm

Lemon balm is a well known perennial herb. It is used to bring a soothing effect and thus promoting sleep 

4. Melatonin

Melatonin is added to it, and it helps in correcting the sleeping patterns. 

Some of the pros of Luna natural sleep aid supplement. 

  1. The supplement helps in fighting anxiety and stress
  2. It is also known to boost the sleep quality and enhances restful quality sleep
  3. It helps the consumer to sleep the whole night without wakening up atintervals
  4. It is known for its ability to collect sleeping patterns.
  5. It helps the consumer to remain relaxed all night and daytime
  6. It is not addictive.


The disadvantages of Luna natural sleep aid

The manufacturers don’t give a guarantee of refunding the money once the product malfunctions.

Frequently asked questions.

Is there any precaution for the use of Luna supplement? 

In case one is pregnant, under 18 years old, or is under medication. One should contact a healthcare professional to give a complete aid to the use the Luna natural sleep supplement with their conditions. It should also be noted that it should not be used to cure any disease. Store the Luna supplement away from the reach of children and in a cool condition.

Side effects of Luna natural sleep aid

The manufacturers say that it does not have any side effect, but it is advisable to discontinue its use when one notes complication and to seek medication immediately.

The final verdict on Luna supplement.

The Luna natural sleep is a super product which is proven to enhance sleep for its users. The ingredients used in making this supplements have demonstrated to be effective in giving its consumer sound and quality sleep. The Luna natural sleep aid supplement is well formulated, and it has no known side effect to its consumers. It is therefore recommendable to the people who find it difficult to sleep, or those who wake up tired and irritated.

Get The Most out of Your Tea Detox by Exercising

Weight loss and healthy living has always been a struggle for most people. Similarly, numerous products and weight supplements are present in the market currently with new ones appearing around every corner. Nevertheless, a tea detox has always been the star of the show, with most people seeking to lose weight taking up this path. Nonetheless, just like any other weight loss products and supplements, tea detox is useful when combined with the right forms of exercise. Yes, it is still beneficial when used on its own, but the best way to get the most out of it is through exercise. Read on to find out what it is and why you should add it to your workout program.

What is a tea detox? 

First things first, before we get on how to get the most out of your tea detox, it is essential that you know what it is. Even though its popularity continues to skyrocket every day, most people usually don’t have a clear understanding of what it is. If you are among them, then you are in luck because we got your back. Commonly referred to as a teatox, a tea detox is products which usually contain one or more types of herbs or organic products which when taken, boasts a variety of benefits to your body, the main one being helping in weight loss.

Tea detox and weight loss 

According to research, a tea detox helps in suppressing appetite thus reducing the person’s cravings for high-calorie foods. That means that they get to take in fewer calories than they did before the tea detox. They also help in boosting metabolism, and as a result, people get increased energy levels. That means that they will now have more energy, which they can direct to their work out routines. Therefore, the best way to get the most out of your tea detox is to combine it with the right exercises. Doing so guarantees you weight loss because now you are taking in less calories and gaining more energy.

How to get the most of your tea detox by exercising 

  • Focus on your core areas. Usually,tea detox has more impacton your gut areas, for instance, your stomach. In respect to that, try and do exercises which focus on these areas so that they can speed up the effects of your detox tea 
  • Take it slow in your routine. Just because you have higher energy levels and you want to lose the extra fat, doesn’t mean that you overwork yourself. Hence, to make the most of your tea detox through exercising is by choosing the right work out program for your body and going slow on it because doing so will give your body the time to reboot and adjust to the new routine
  • Stop when you feel the need to. Working out has different impacts on our bodies, and in some cases, you may feel excessively tired or even at times sickly. In such a case, do not force yourself to continue with the routine. You can take a two-day break on it while still taking your tea detox and then resume when you feel that you are in better shape to do so
  • Stay away from high impact exercises. They usually tend to be harsh on your body especially on the digestive areas particularly when you are on a tea detox. The key here is to stick to more comfortable workouts such as cycling or squats and not high impact exercises and lastly combine your workouts and detox tea with the right meals for better results.

Other benefits of tea detox 

Besides weight loss, tea detox prides itself on a diverse array of benefits as shown below. 

  • Cleansing benefitsForinstance, it helps remove toxins from your digestive system leading to a worry-free lifestyle as there is no more inflamed gut. It contains ingredients which help eliminate toxins from the body tissues and thus has a detoxification effect on your body. Thanks to that, it offers support to the liver which is the organ responsible for detoxification hence enabling a smooth functioning of your body operations including digestion 
  • Apart from the cleansing effect they also help in the alleviation of arthritic symptoms and helps promote better skin health by keeping the user dehydrated. Lastly, detox teas assist in restoring and maintaining the natural balance of the probiotic bacteria andyeastin our bodies 

4 Reasons You Need a Tea Detox in Your Life

A tea detox has some incredible health benefits. Considering the huge amounts of toxins we get exposed to on a daily basis, it is always wise to cleanse the body every now and then. The only thing you have to do is ensure that the tea detox is done safely, using the right products. This is because there are some forms of tea detox that have been found to do more harm than good.

A tea detox is classified among the healthy and safe types of cleansing. With this form of detox, all you need is to take a few cups of teas consisting of natural cleansers for a few days. For best results, however, you also need to be careful about what you eat and change your diet to incorporate foods that are healthy and easy on your digestive system. Below we look at 4 of the main benefits you can gain from a tea detox.

Increase your body metabolism

Metabolism is the energy you need to survive. If your metabolism stays within its normal levels, then your body will remain efficient. Your metabolism can, however, go below the normal range because of several reasons. Whatever the cause of a slow metabolism, there is no denying that a sluggish metabolism can prevent you from reaching your goals if you want to lose weight.

With a high metabolism, you will burn more calories even when your body is at rest. This means that little or no calories will get stored as fats. Maintaining a healthy body will be easy, not to mention the fact that your body will be in a position to make better use of the food you eat.

A slow metabolism can also leave you feeling tired. If the energy available is less than the energy your body needs to perform normal functions then you are going to have a hard time staying active throughout the day. If fatigue has become a constant problem, a tea detox can make all the difference and push up your metabolism. Without the toxins weighing your body down, you can be sure that your metabolism will go back to the normal levels.

Suppress appetite

A huge appetite is something many of us struggle with. However careful you are with your food choice, it is highly likely that you will exceed your daily calorie intake if you have a huge appetite. You, therefore, must curb your appetite if you want to lose some pounds and maintain a healthy weight. A tea detox comes with ingredients that are meant to suppress your appetite. This way you do not have to endure strong cravings and can stick to a low-calorie diet.

Numerous studies have shown that cravings come as a result of hormonal imbalances. Because of this, it is impossible to control cravings by willpower alone. Plain green tea comes with EGCG, a nutrient that increases the production of a hormone that creates a feeling of satiation. Incorporating this tea into your diet will mean that you will feel full in between meals and consume fewer calories at the end of the day. A tea detox using other types of teas can also help a great deal where suppressing your appetite is concerned.

Get Rid of Bloating

In most cases, bloating is brought about by a toxins overload. These toxins slow down digestion and food gets accumulated in the stomach. Over time, this can become a huge problem that can greatly affect your quality of life. Bloating will also give you that bulge around your stomach region which means that it will also affect how you look.

Bloating is characterized by a swollen belly mostly after eating. Bloating is quite uncomfortable and in extreme cases, it can lead to stomach pains. Once your body starts to get rid of the accumulated toxins when you try a tea detox, you will start to feel relieved and within no time, bloating will become a thing of the past.

Cleanse your system

The essence of detox is removing toxins from the body. Toxins can be anything from alcohol to medicine we take to manage general conditions. Once these substances accumulate the body, they make it hard for the body to perform normal functions. Toxins also result in lifestyle diseases.

A body that is free of toxins is more efficient as everything runs smoothly. That is why it’s always good to cleanse the body every now and then. Thanks to this cleansing, you will feel much better and more energized after a tea detox. You will also enjoy better immunity and overall body health.

A tea detox is more efficient in body cleansing when its incorporated into a healthy diet. Just resist the temptation to take extreme measures such as taking liquids only for a few days. There is no way your body will function normally on a fluid diet and taking such measures will only be detrimental to your health in the long run.

How TruVision Can Help the Copper and Zinc Paradox

The importance of the mineral in your body does not relate to the amount required. It is hard to get all the vital minerals needed for the body from foods we consume. Many farmers cut on cost when growing food which leads to the food being less effective in nourishing our health. Nutritionists recommend fruit to grains ratio of five. But, it is hard to get a balanced diet due to the way crops are grown. People try to save on cost which leads to the production of food crops which do not meet the required nutrition value. To help in combating the risk of developing poor health, TruVision made a supplement which can be
consumed to help the body regain the vital nutrients required for proper growth. 

Health benefits of Copper and Zinc 

Zinc and copper are the third most essential minerals in the body. They come after calcium and magnesium. The minerals have essential roles to play in the body. About two decades back, it was a common thing to hear about copper and zinc toxicity. Nowadays people are barely getting enough of the minerals. It can be blamed for taking prescription supplements which do not work. TruVision is made
in a different way to assure you great results.  

What is the importance of copper in the body? 

Many people believe copper is a mineral responsible for making things such as coins. But, when it comes to biology, the mineral is necessary for making functional circulatory system. It is used in different areas of the body such as strengthening the heart, formation of veins as well as making collagen. It is
an element responsible for gluing our body together. 

If there were no copper, it would be hard for the brain to pass messages to other organs in the body. Communication such as alerting the stomach to start digestion would be hard. It is also necessary for making enzymes which help in mitochondria to generate energy. 

How we find the mineral 

Copper is available in many foods. You can eat food such as lentils, chocolate, mushrooms, wheat among others to access enough copper for proper body functioning. A healthy adult needs about 0.9 grams of copper each day. If you eat more than 10 mg per day, it is not accepted. Most copper supplements on the market have about 2 milligrams of copper. 

Cow milk has low copper content when compared to the milk produced by humans. Infants who feed
on cow milk are at high risk of developing copper and zinc deficiency. They end up being malnutrition babies. They can suffer from anemia or low blood count. 

Are you getting enough nutrients? 

You may be getting copper deficit without knowing if you take too much vitamin c. If you have too much zinc, there are high chances you have low copper count. For instance, more than 40 mg of zinc in a day can expose you to low copper. Zinc is responsible for making male reproduction fluids. It is more of a genetic disorder rather than a diet disorder. It is associated with other diminished senses such as impaired hearing and smell. Zinc regulates the production of testosterone, but it also plays a role in the way enzymes in the body function. People who are at a deficit in zinc suffer from cornea obscurity and night blindness. 

Finding the Right Mix 

You need a healthy balance between copper and zinc. The two minerals are vital for you to achieve normal functioning of your body. There are also adverse side effects when the minerals are too little or too much. To avoid cases where different companies end up selling supplements which do not work, it is necessary to read the labels carefully before you decide to buy a given supplement. 

You can easily find the right amount of essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and copper among others if you rely on TruVision. The supplement contains different amounts of supplements. There are others which contain chlorogenic acid, copper, zinc among others. The supplement is referred to as TruFix and can help you fix different problems in your blood sugar levels. 

The other ingredients in TruVision are green tea and B6. It plays a great role in boosting the rate of metabolism. TruControl aids in the promotion of calcium retention, breaking down of fat, boosting metabolism and regulating blood glucose levels.

6 Tips for Reducing Lectin in Your Diet

Unlike humans and animals, plants can’t move or run to defend themselves. Plants can’t hide from insects, various animals, or humans that may want to eat them. Because of this, plants have evolved to develop protective mechanisms against herbivores. Because plants can’t hide or move, they use chemistry to defend themselves against animals and human beings who may want to eat them. Hence, they have devised an excellent mechanism to prevent their predators from eating them. They produce a protein known as lectin, which is a chemical that works to protect the plants from animals or humans. This protein is mostly found in the foods we eat nowadays.  

While lectin is a huge help to plants, it’s not so much for us. In fact, lectin can cause health-related problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.  

How lectins cause harm to your body  

When these tiny chemicals get into your body, they immediately go after helpful sugar molecules that are located in your gut. After that, they hold on to your body cells and then interrupt the way these cells communicate with your immune system. They then make tiny holes between these cells that line your intestines. This causes health problems like food poisoning symptoms and leaky gut syndrome.  


Lectins cause other health conditions like:  

  • Sudden weight gain
  • Inflammation
  • Leaky gut syndrome

Plants have evolved over a long period of time to perfect this defense system. If eating them makes you feel sick, you will not eat them because you will not want to get sick again.  


Benefits of plants to humans  

However, some plants are beneficial to human brings although others contain these harmful chemicals. Plants produce a chemical known as polyphenols. This chemical is very beneficial to your body. Hence, there are plants you should eat, and there are others you should completely avoid. But how will you know which plant food to avoid and which ones to eat?  While we have quick tips for you, check out this guide for more details on Lectin Shield and lectins.

Below are 6 tips to help you avoid lectin-rich foods 

 1. Avoiding grains

Believe it or not, your diet should not contain grains because the human body is not meant to consume grains. Long ago, i.e., during the Stone Age period, there were no means of processing grains. This made people not to search for grains during their hunting and gathering. Avoid grains because they contain harmful chemicals. In case you are unable to fully eliminate grains in your diet, use white flour in place of wheat flour.

2. Get rid of beans and Legumes

Beans contain high levels of toxins as compared to other grains. Also avoid lentils, peas and any other similar legumes. Nonetheless, if you still insist on consuming them, you should use a pressure cooker to cook them as it reduces their toxicity levels.  

3. Avoid some fruits

Fruits like Pumpkin, Squash, and Zucchini contain seed and peels that harbor these toxins. You should get rid of these seeds and peels before consuming these fruits.  

4. Nightshades

Nightshades like eggplants, potatoes, and tomatoes also contain toxins in their seeds and peels. Cook them using a pressure or deseed and peel them to avoid the toxins. You can also ferment them.  

5. Avoid corn-fed free-range chicken

Steer clear of any corn-fed free-range flock because free-range animals are fed on corns; which contain these tiny chemicals that can be passed on to you when you consume corn-fed meat. Remember free-range is not similar to pasture-raised.  

6. Avoid regular milk


Several years back, there was a genetic mutation that caused the formation of a lectin-like-protein in some cows in Northern Europe. This genetically muted toxic protein called Casein A1 can cause great damages to your pancreas and immune system. Therefore, avoid cheese and milk from such cows and instead use Casein A2 milk or go for buffalo or goat milk.  

We know that it’s not always easy to cut back on these foods, and lectin IS in everything! So, we recommend on top of cutting back on lectin rich foods, that you also try a supplement. It helps keep lectins from having such negative effects on the body.For more information on Lectin Shield, check out this podcast. You’ll get a lot of information, and can read reviews on Lectin Shield here.

Always remember to:  

  • Use a pressure cooker

Cooking beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and other legumes greatly help in reducing plant toxins. Pressure cooking will help you although it won’t eliminate all the toxins.  

  • Peel and deseed vegetables and fruits

Peeling and deseeding your fruits and vegetables will help you eliminate toxins from your food.  

  • Go for white rice instead of brown rice

Go for white rice instead of brown rice to avoid dangerous toxins.  


It’s possible for you to enjoy your favorite foods still. However, aim to reduce high levels of lectin foods or reduce them from your food. Therefore, choose the foods you consume wisely and always remember to deseed, peel, white instead of brown and pressure-cook.