Avoid These Five Mistakes when Hunting for Good CBD Oil

Written by Bill Oliver

Cannabis has continued to get the green light in many countries across the world and this wave of acceptance has brought Trojan horses to our doorsteps. Numerous unscrupulous vendors are looking to cash in by taking advantage of consumers with subpar products. To help you stay one step ahead of untrustworthy vendors as you buy CBD oil, we will be taking a look at 5 simple mistakes that you should never make.

1) Prioritizing Cost Over Quality

For experienced CBD oil users, it goes without saying that quality should take priority over affordability. Newbies might struggle with balancing the scales of cost and quality given the sea of endless options available but the important thing to remember is that you get exactly what you pay for. Creating effective, safe, and pure CBD oil is an expensive venture and, as a result, the cost of such products is high. Low-quality products are often less expensive than higher quality products and might not provide any results at all. In fact, it could pose a danger to your health so do not buy CBD oil that is unrealistically low-priced.

That said, the rule of thumb you need to remember is to always buy from reputable vendors. A trustworthy CBD oil vendor is evident from the information displayed on their packaging which should encompass:

  • THC and CBD content; the former should be no more than 0.3%.
  • Extraction methodused – CO2 extraction is best 
  • Hemp sources for the brand

Do your due diligence on a product before purchasing it while keeping these attributes in mind.

2)  Thinking CBD Oil Can Never Get You High 

One of the reasons why CBD oil is accepted to most is the notion going around that it won’t get you high. While this is largely true if the THC content is below 0.3 %, which is the case with legitimate vendors, CBD oil can still get you high if the extraction process isn’t done correctly, i.e. if the THC levels exceed 0.3%. Again, this information is available at one of either source highlighted in point. If the THC level is not clearly stipulated, please contact the supplier before you buy CBD oil or avoid purchasing it altogether.

3)  Not Doing Your Homework

Lack of knowledge is the key to your downfall. More often than not, unscrupulous vendors target the not-so-informed with hyped up benefits that are really farfetched. It is therefore important to fully understand what CBD oil is and the limits to its abilities so that one such vendor doesn’t pull one over on you.

The next time someone tells you that CBD oil will grow your hair overnight, you’ll know someone is looking for a quick sale. Do your research comprehensively so that you can be able to tell when a vendor is lying. For more help with this, please head on over to over to newlabscbd.com. They’ll give you all the information you need alongside some of the best CBD oils in existence.

4)  Expecting Wonders and Miracles

The previous point paves the way for next mistake which basically boils down to the expectations you have of using CBD oil. CBD oil is no doubt beneficial and has been used by millions around the world with science establishing advantages such as:

  • Promoting positive thinking
  • Relieving pain
  • Keepinginflammations at bay 
  • Alleviatinganxiety

That said, it is important to be realistic about what CBD oil can do you for you. CBD oil has been purported to cure all sorts of illness from a common cold to long-term conditions such as cancer. Sadly though, this is not the case. Also, remember not to take anything for a surety. CBD doesn’t work by magic so don’t set your expectations too high. You can also check other CBD products review for weight loss and other purpose.

5)  Not Double-Checking the Quality

We cannot say it enough times that you have to conduct a quality check on the methods used by the vendor and as well as the vendor itself before you buy CBD oil. These four preceding pointers should serve as a good measuring stick. Again, the extraction method is extremely important. To help you understand more, here are some of the techniques used:

  • Dry IceExtraction: While it’s a cheap, clean, and easy extraction method, it produces low quality yields.  
  • OliveOil Extraction: It is simpler than the above process but produces low yields that have a short shelf-life 
  • Solvent Extraction: A definite no-no! It is potentially dangerous and harmful due to the use of chemicals such as butane and hexane. It can also result in the extraction of contaminants that can produce unpleasant or harmful side-effects. 
  • CO2Cannabis Method: The most expensive of the bunch but the best overall. It produces high yields of safe to consume CBD and is environmentally friendly.

Aside from the method of extraction, genuine brands will also include the results of lab testing in the product information. Most even go the extra mile by also incorporating the results of third-party testing. Be on the lookout for such information.

Parting Thoughts

Whether you’ve been buying CBD oil for ages or are just trying your hand at it, these 5 pointers will come in handy either way. You can now effectively pick out good CBD oil from the many bad ones that flood the market. Don’t forget to visit newlabscbd.com as this website is the perfect bridge between you and top-notch CBD oil.

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