Best CBD Dog Treats Products to Consider Buying

Best CBD Dog Treats: Products to Consider Before Buying

As the CBD industry continues to grow, manufacturers are offering a wide range of products. Besides providing items for human consumption, companies are also selling CBD for pets. That way, the four-legged animals can enjoy the benefits of the hemp derivative. The market is flooded with a variety of brands, and it can be challenging to identify the right products to use. If you are having trouble making a purchasing decision, you are reading the right article. We are going to look at the factors to consider when looking for the best CBD dog treats, some of the brands to buy, and the benefits that CBD has for your precious canine. Continue reading for details.

What Are CBD Dog Treats?

Before discussing what CBD dog treats are, what is CBD? It stands for cannabidiol, which is one of the substances called cannabinoids present in industrial hemp. Note that hemp is a type of cannabis with high levels of CBD and 0.3 % THC or less. THC is a cannabinoid responsible for making users high. However, hemp contains minimal amounts of THC, which should not worry about you.

CBD dog treats are edibles that contain cannabidiol to benefit your pup’s health. While some manufacturers use hemp CBD oil, others use CBD in powder form. Depending on the brand you are buying, CBD dog treats have varying amounts of cannabidiol. They also come in different flavors to select for your pet.

Some companies provide treats in low-count containers for trial purposes. That way, you do not have to buy a big jar of CBD treats, yet you are not sure if your dog will like them or not. Besides, each treat usually has a specific amount of CBD, so you do not have to worry about giving your loyal friend too much cannabidiol.

Like the human body, dogs have an endocannabinoid system that controls functions such as appetite, mood, pain, and immune responses. The CBD in the treats interacts with this system to provide relief for various conditions.

What to Look For When Buying CBD Dog Treats

As mentioned earlier, do not go buying CBD treats for your pet blindly. Before making any purchases, find out more about the product you intend to buy to establish if it is safe for your pet. Here are the factors to look for when buying CBD dog treats.

  • The Type of Hemp a Manufacturer Uses

Buy CBD treats made using organically grown industrial hemp. It is non-GMO and free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides. Synthetic hemp can be harmful. Make sure the brand you are looking at states form where they get their hemp. Colorado is a popular location for organic hemp. Some manufacturers source the cannabis herb from Kentucky and Oregon as well.

  • Independent Lab Testing

Buy CBD dog treats from companies that put their products through third-party lab testing, which ensures customers get unbiased results about the ingredients. The lab outcomes should be easily accessible on the product page to save you time. Some brands require you to scan the QR code on their CBD treats to view the lab results. The tests show the cannabinoid profile of the product and its other ingredients.

  • Other Ingredients

Besides organic hemp, a good CBD dog treat contains natural components to protect the health of pets. Do not spend money on brands that contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives since they pose health risks.

  • CBD Extraction Method

The supercritical CO2 extraction process is the cleanest, safest method a manufacturer can use in deriving CBD from hemp. Avoid brands that use solvents in extracting cannabidiol because they are harmful to your dog. CO2 extraction is expensive, but an entity that uses it cares about your pet’s wellbeing, unlike one that opts for a cheaper procedure that could cause harm.

  • The Type of CBD Used

While some CBD treats contain full-spectrum CBD, others contain the broad-spectrum kind. Both types provide an entourage effect. However, full-spectrum CBD has 0.3% THC. If you do not want your dog to consume any THC even if it is harmless, then go for treats with broad-spectrum cannabidiol.

  • Customer Service

You should make purchases from a brand with responsive customer service. You do not want to wait for hours or days to get answers to your queries.

Best CBD Dog treats in the Market

Below are examples of the best CBD dog treats to keep in mind during purchase.


Best CBD Dog Treats

Fab CBD is one of the popular brands you will come across online. As one of the best CBD dogs treats, it is a high-performing product with a top-quality blend of ingredients. The manufacturer spent over a year developing the treats, which have an oat base. One-piece contains 3mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil. Depending on the weight of your dog, the dosage is half to two treats per day.


  • Has a crunchy texture
  • Lacks THC but contains other beneficial cannabinoids
  • Available in salmon, chicken, and peanut butter apple flavors
  • Has no corn, soy, dairy, and wheat

Joy Organics

Joy Organics Dog Treats

Like Fab CBD treats, Joy Organics’ has no THC. They contain water-soluble hemp powder and provide superior results. Enjoy free shipping and a 30days money-back guarantee in case your dog dislikes the chews. Each treat contains 2mg of CBD and has a beef flavor.


  • They are dog-approved, tasty edibles
  • A jar contains 30 treats
  • The chews have no fillers
  • Consistent and reliable quality
  • The dose is one to two treats per 25lbs each day

Honest Paw

Honest Paw CBD

Honest Paws is a product of pet owners. The treats are all-natural. If you are looking for CBD treats for dog anxiety, include this brand on your list of considerations. The company also provides treats to improve joint mobility and relieve anxiety. They all contain full-spectrum CBD.


  • Contains organic hemp oil
  • Has human-grade ingredients
  • Each container has 30 soft chews
  • Every chew contains 5mg CBD
  • Comes with a 30days money-back guarantee
  • Undergoes third-party lab tests


With MediPets treats, you have several flavors to choose from, including meaty and steak, cheesy, and purrs and puffs. However, they contain preservatives and artificial colors. It is good the brand is honest about the ingredients, unlike those that lie about the components of their products. Each treat contains 3mg of CBD.


  • One container provides 100mg of cannabidiol
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Contains corn syrup, soy flour, and wheat flour
  • Available in 16 flavors for cats and dogs



As you look for CBD dog treats for anxiety, try CBDMd. It offers baked cheese edibles, with each piece having 20mg of CBD. You can also purchase the CBDMd hard chews, and each one of them has 10mg of cannabidiol. The treats are all-natural and have no soy or corn.


  • Contains broad-spectrum CBD
  • Undergoes top-quality manufacturing
  • Has a 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Does not entail additives and is human grade
  • Available in peanut butter, baked cheese, and sweet potato flavors

Pure Kana

Best CBD Dog Treats

Pure Kana provides separate treats for small, medium, and large dogs. The flavors to choose from are steak and sweet potato, blueberry and chicken, and peanut butter and pumpkin. Each treat is made for large dogs contains 2.5mg CBD, while for small ones, every piece has 1mg of CBD. This way, you do not have to deal with breaking treats into halves.


  • Contains full-spectrum CBD
  • Has a 30days money-back guarantee
  • Organic formulation; none-GMO
  • Soy, dairy, and gluten-free

Holistic Hound

Holistic Hound

If you are looking for CBD dog treats for pain, consider buying Holistic Hound. It provides immune support, calming effects, fosters joint health, and has antioxidants. You have two purchase options; the full-spectrum CBD mushroom bites each having 7.5mg cannabidiol or the broad-spectrum mushroom soft chews. Note that mushrooms offer health benefits for your pet.


  • Both options come in a trial bag and a larger pack
  • Contains USDA certified CBD
  • The manufacturer uses organically grown hemp
  • Soft chews contain water-soluble CBD for faster absorption
  • Both treats contain five medicinal mushrooms

Benefits and Side Effects of Using Best CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats can assist in relieving anxiety, pain, nausea, inflammation, and joint pain. That way, you get to reduce the loud barking and phobias your dog might have, boost its appetite, and increase its mobility due to reduced pain.

The treats do not pose serious side effects, as long as you buy high-quality products and adhere to the right dose. However, your dog might experience dry mouth and throat, so provide enough water. It may also have sleepiness, drowsiness, or low blood pressure. If you buy treats with full-spectrum CBD, make sure you do not exceed the dose. The more 0.3 % THC your canine takes, the more likely for it to develop other side effects.

Final Thought of Best CBD Dog Treats

CBD might be the solution your dog needs to manage pain, be active, and eat better. It is heart-breaking watching your pet suffer. However, before using any CBD treats, make sure you speak with a vet first for the safety of your lovely furry friend.

As you search for the best chews to purchase, keep in mind the factors we discussed earlier. Besides, we have already covered examples of the best brands to consider buying for your dog. From here, you stand a better chance of purchasing the right treats to alleviate your pet’s condition.