Do you ever get the urge to cleanse your body, especially the digestive tract? I know there are many of us who have opted for clean eating a couple of times. However, sometimes we feel that’s not enough so we opt to use products that can help purify the body.

Detox teas are some of the best products that you can use to purify the body. They have become very popular over the past years. But are they really effective? And if they are, what is the best detox tea that you can use? Well, here is a comprehensive guide of the best detox tea. In addition to that, there’s a buyer’s guide to help you.

What Is Detox Tea?

It is also known as detox or even skinny tea. Detox tea includes a specific combination of tea herbs. It’s designed to help clear toxins in the body. The herbal teas are usually rich in phytonutrients that help to facilitate weight loss and improve health.

What Does a Detox Tea Do?

People normally take tea as a meal beverage. However, a detox tea his a healthy beverage that can help to promote wellness. It is most effective in promoting weight loss. But what does it do to the body?

Detox tea has healthy chemicals that can increase fat burning. It can also increase the production of energy levels. So, a combination of these characteristics in addition to exercising and a healthy diet normally leads to weight loss.

But it should be noted that there are no clinical studies regarding their effectiveness. So, there is a need for more research studies to determine the effects of detox tea on weight loss. Most of these products are diuretics. So, they might just be promoting the loss of water weight.

Best Detox Tea for Weight Loss Reviews

Sometimes the best way to enhance your wellness is by just using something organic like a detox tea. But we know that this market has a wide variety of products. Doing a simple Google search for the best detox tea can result in millions of outcomes. To simplify everything for you, here’s an overview of the best detox tea in the market.

1. SkinnyFit


SkinnyFit is definitely our top brand of the best detox tea. Consumers rate it as the best detox tea weight loss product that’s effective. Well, this herbal supplement allows you to become your healthiest and most beautiful.

The 100% organic detox tea helps to promote good health by burning calories, cleansing, and detoxifying. Furthermore, it works by increasing energy levels in the body and suppressing appetite, among others.


The detox tea has preservative-free ingredients that include senna leaf, ginseng, tea leaves, cinnamon bark, and many more.


  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Supports the burning of body fat.


  • It might not work for everyone
  • Can result in digestive discomfort

2. Flat Tummy Tea


You can’t miss Flat Tummy Tea among the top 5 teatox products. We understand that it’s an effective and reliable herbal supplement. Flat Tummy doesn’t disappoint but it effectively deFlat Tummy Tealivers. It not only promotes weight loss but it works with your digestive system. As a result, it enhances the absorption of nutrients.  Flat Tummy detox tea reviews show that this teatox helps to boost energy levels in the body. It’s also a metabolism booster that improves fat-burning.


From the best detox tea reviews, Flat Tummy tea works by two processes. The activate process contains about ten organic ingredients which include extracts from green tea. Lemon balm, cleavers, licorice, dandelion, etc. They help to support metabolism, increase energy levels, and enhance the functions of the digestive system.

The cleanse process features ingredients such as peppermint, dandelion root. Licorice, senna, and caraway seed among others. This blend can help to detoxify the intestinal tract, leading to loss of water weight. Note that the activate teatox is usually done in the morning while cleanse should be done in the evening.


  • It helps to regulate body weight
  • Heightens metabolism and improves physical workouts
  • An effective appetite suppressant


  • It might lead to digestive discomfort
  • Quite expensive

3. Fit tea

Fit Tea

What we’ve noticed is that a lot of people tend to use organic detox tea. It’s without a doubt that this is the reason why Fit Tea is so popular. The 14-day detox supplement is made from organic plants. So, it will naturally detoxify your body.

It should be noted that this clinically proven formula is rich in antioxidants. Not only does it cleanse the digestive system but also it reduces the chances of bloating. Generally, Fit Tea helps users to get energized, stay fit, and healthy.


The 100% organic ingredients feature organic green tea, oolong wu yi, and Garcinia Cambogia. These are metabolism boosters that trigger weight loss and remove free radicals from the body. There are also organic rooibos, ginger, and pomegranate among others.


  • It has a delicious citrus taste
  • The detox tea comes with antioxidants and supplement that promote wellness
  • The herbal tea formula is clinically proven


  • It contains caffeine that may interfere with sleep

4. Hey Girl

Hey Girl

If it’s time to cleanse and love your body and you need an effective natural tea, then Hey Girl seems great. By just taking one cup a day, you will end up feeling refreshed both mentally and physically. Taking this caffeine-free drink before bedtime or after dinner normally yields excellent results.

However, you can still take it in the morning to reduce bloating. It also makes you feel super light all day. Hey Girl can aid the process of digestion and relieve constipation. But that’s not all since there are those that swear by its effectiveness in helping with weight loss.


This organic and non-GMO tea contains Lemongrass, Rose Hips, Dandelion, Orange Peel, and Ginger. There is also natural flavoring use to enhance its taste.


  • Perfect metabolism booster
  • It supports faster loss of excess fat


  • It might result in digestive issues
  • Only suitable for short-term use

5. Baetea

Bae Tea

After sampling and tasting a lot of teatox products, there is no doubt that Baetea is one of the best detox tea currently. For those who are looking for detox tea weight loss products, this herbal supplement delivers outstanding results.

Its sweet and sour flavor makes it an excellent mood-booster and instant refresher. Beatea detox tea reviews indicate that it doesn’t cause digestive irritation. It can reduce bloating and aid quick loss of weight.


This is a detox and cleanse tea that contains herbal ingredients. The all-natural ingredients include stevia, pomegranate, oolong wu yi, ginger root, guarana, rooibos tea, and green tea. It also has citric acid, natural flavors, and stevia.


  • It has a stimulating and refreshing taste
  • it cleanses the colon and reduces bloating
  • the herbal tea is effective in boosting weight loss


  • It contains caffeine

6. MateFit


MateFit is a 28-day teatox that helps you to quickly reach your weight loss goals. The metabolic booster helps to naturally increase the levels of energy in the body. So, it’s good to take it in the morning, especially if you want to enhance your productivity.

Besides that, it suppresses appetite and accelerates fat-burning. Detox tea reviews show that it’s the best for triggering weight loss. MateFit is also full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. And by removing radicals and toxins from the body, it can help to effectively fight off diseases.


MateFit contains Licorice root, Oolong tea, guarana seed, gunpowder tea, yerba mate, and angelica root extract. The blend of all these ingredients gives it a very strong flavor with a citrus-like minty taste.


  • Enhances focus and productivity
  • It is perfect for eliminating free radicals from the body


  • Its strong flavor can be annoying

7. 310 Detox Tea

310 Detox tea

This premium detox tea claims to burn even the most stubborn abdominal fat. According to the manufacturer, one of the 310 detox tea benefits is to suppress appetite. The detox and cleanse teatox normally helps to remove wastes from the body. This eventually makes it easier for the user to drop excess pounds.


The main and active ingredient that’s found in this detox tea is an extract of green tea. It helps to increase the rate of metabolism and can stimulate the burning of excess body fat. Other active ingredients include ginger, organic rooibos, organic green tea, and the oolong wu yi.


  • Highly effective in promoting weight loss
  • It enhances general body wellness


  • Stomach upsets
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • nausea

8. Lyfe Tea


Lyfe is not a meal replacement but simply an effective detox tea that cleanses and detoxifies the body. Lyfe herbal tea comes in two packets. The award-winning detox herbal supplement can improve the process of digestion and immune function. Besides that, it can enhance the production of energy in the body.

On the other hand, the morning tea that promotes mental clarity. Furthermore, it controls appetite. Using both sets of packets can help to ensure that you quickly reach your weight loss goals. The all-natural ingredients optimize how the body functions and remove toxins.


Lyfe tea features a variety of ingredients. The most prominent ones include Cinnamon, ginger root, clove bud, cardamom pod, dandelion root, licorice root, burdock root, black pepper, rhubarb root, Chinese skullcap root, and gardenia fruit.


  • It supports the immune system
  • The herbal tea can facilitate weight loss
  • Non-GMO


  • It might cause digestive discomfort initially
  • Its spicy flavor might not appeal to anyone

9. Yogi


This has been touted as the best detox tea for weight loss. The popular cleansing tea combines a blend of herbal ingredients to enhance overall wellness. It’s normally used to support the processes of digestion and circulation. The caffeine and gluten-free herbal formula have no artificial flavors and sweeteners.


It combines an effective cleansing blend of Dandelion and Burdon herbs. There is also an Ayurvedic and Juniper berry blend. To spice the detox tea up, there are ingredients such as Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Licorice.


  • It’s effective for enhancing the process of digestion
  • It’s free of artificial flavors


  • It doesn’t work for everyone.

10. Arbonne


Arbonne allows you to drink to your health. We love the fact this is one of the best detox tea that supports the general wellness of the body. With a total of 9 botanicals, this herbal supplement allows you to enjoy a delicious drink. The mild and caffeine-free detox tea normally supports the functions of the kidneys and liver.


The ingredients are mainly organic. They include Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Peppermint, Sweet Fennel, Parsley, Licorice, Uva Ursi, and Elder.


  • A great supplemental tea
  • Quite affordable


  • Very little information is available about it online

What are the Benefits?

The combination of different herbal ingredients can be beneficial for your health. This is because they contain components that help to nourish vital organs in the body and remove harmful chemicals. Potential detox tea benefits include:

  • Liver Detoxification

This is the main focus of detox tea. The herbs found in this formula mostly contain milk thistle and dandelion root. A combination of these ingredients is perfect for liver detoxification and repair. Note that sometimes these herbs are used to facilitate liver repair, especially in the case of alcoholism or fatty liver disease.

  • Eliminating Harmful Pathogens

Over time, our digestive system normally accumulates unwanted bugs. They include viruses, bacteria, and yeast. But there are certain types of herbs that can eliminate them. Detox teas contain herbs with antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. They can, therefore, help to eliminate these harmful pathogens.

  • Reducing Digestive Inflammation

Ingredients such as peppermint can help to soothe the digestive tract. The herb can relieve indigestion and stomach upset. Generally, some detox tea herbs help have anti-inflammatory properties hence they’re effective in reducing digestive inflammation.

  • Reducing Oxidative Stress

The caffeine in green tea can help to reduce oxidative stress. Besides that, most of these products have flavonoids that are vital antioxidants. Detox teas normally help to combat free radicals. By doing so, they reduce oxidative damage.

What Are the Side Effects?

Most detox teas have organic ingredients. They are general mixes of rea leaves so they are harmless. However, others contain powerful and harmful ingredients that can affect your health negatively.

Examples of Harmful Ingredients in Detox Teas

  • Laxatives
  • Powerful herbs like senna
  • High caffeine levels
  • Illegal chemicals and medications

In case of such, you may end up with side effects such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bloating and gas

Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to buy high-quality detox tea? A simple search can land you to a broad range of products. But not all of them are effective. So, what should you look for if you want to buy the best detox tea? Here are a couple of tips to help you out.

  • Ingredients

You’re probably wondering that most of the ingredients are organic, why should you choose? Well, different ingredients trigger different mechanisms in the body. For example, there are ingredients that curb appetite, boost metabolism, enhance weight loss, and others.

  • The Detox Plan

Different types of teas have different periods of use. For example, you can find a 14-day detox or 28-day detox. If this is your first time, then you should consider using the 28-day plan. This way, you will get the most benefits. If you detox and cleanse often, then a 14-day plan can be good.

  • Teabags or powder?

Teabags are normally made of fannings and dust tea leaves. So, they have a larger surface area. If you are going to place a teabag in a cup of water, there is going to be more interaction. However, there are bags that are biodegradable while others contain bleached filter paper or food-grade plastic. Make sure that you know the type of teabag you’re purchasing.

Tea powders are also known as tea blends. They offer a variety of options to consumers. For instance, you can buy the powder depending on the tea grade or blend. Alternatively, you have the option of choosing the eve of leaf size and the blend.

Both tea bags and powders have their own pros and cons. However, powders are normally recommendable because of their versatility. They can sufficiently cater to different user needs. You can even add them to different food varieties or certain drinks.

Final Thought

There are many benefits that come with using detox tea. You might end up losing your weight, removing toxins, and treating inflammation among others. The above-mentioned tea brands are among the best. They combine a blend of organic herbs that promote wellness. However, make sure that you exercise wellness. Carefully go through the product label to avoid unwanted side effects.