They said there would be some glowing involved with pregnancy.  

Sadly, right now all you see when you look in the mirror is a miniature whale waddling about in pregnancy sweats. 

And the health care providers during your pregnancy routine weigh-ins don’t make you feel any better, what with chastising you for weighing (according to those pregnancy weight charts they always have) slightly more than you should at this point in your pregnancy.  

They do have a point though. Health care providers, while concerned about you getting the right nutrients into your system (be it through whole foods or the best meal replacement shakes) so that both mommy and baby are healthy, also have a responsibility in ensuring you don’t become overweight after giving birth.  

Although gaining weight is something you go into pregnancy with your eyes wide open expecting, that isn’t a license for an “all you can eat buffet” simply because you’re “eating for two”. The quality of nutrients you take is what matters.  

So while your health care provider means well by constantly weighing you on the scale like an animal up for slaughter, you should always remember that their focus is on you and your baby’s well being. 

That’s why they will be inclined to prescribe folic acid tablets, for example, to you instead of simply asking you to go and eat only folic acid rich foods like broccoli. Because they know that regardless of how diligent you are in cooking your meals, you may still fall short of the folic acid your body needs.  

This is the main principle behind some of the healthy meal replacement shakes, like isagenix shakes. 

They realize that regardless of how committed you are to eating healthy, there are nutrients you’ll likely fall short of meeting. Plus the fact that some days you won’t be able to cook because your baby decided your lungs make a very comfy pillow and your bladder a great footstool  

That said, Isagenix products are not just about their convenience, even though they do make feeding very easy, they’re mostly about making sure you get your complete daily nutrients so that you and your baby are both normal and healthy.  

More than that though, Isagenix reviews of the company policies and best practices show that the firm adheres strictly to the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cFMPs) and other laws for catering to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers of the Food and Drug Administration.

Note, this isn’t to say that Isagenix shakes or any other best meal replacement shakes out there need FDA approval of their products before they can be released. Because consumer goods aren’t regulated by the FDA. Isagenix shakes simply complies with production techniques and ingredients recommended by the government for pregnant women and nursing mothers, so you can be sure what you’re drinking is premium stuff.  

Here are a couple of Isagenix products you can incorporate into your pregnancy diet or breastfeeding diet, after you get the okay from your health care provider that is. Note, some of these products are more suited for pregnant women, while breastfeeding mothers can take virtually all the remaining products. Remember that you need to reduce lectin in your diet for getting best result.

Isagenix For Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

1. Isamunewith Zinc

Your immune system is your body’s first line of defense. Even against stress and lack of sleep (40 mins sleep at night from your second-trimester sucks, right?) Zinc is one of the critical substances responsible for the production of the cells in your immune system. 

Considering your immune system is fighting for two at this point, with pregnant women at an increased risk of zinc deficiency, it’s no wonder zinc is one of the most prescribed drugs during pregnancy.  

This Isamune spray product is an extremely convenient way to make sure you meet your RDA zinc allowance (which is increased form 9mg per day to 11-12mg for Pregnant and nursing mothers). A max of 5 sprays a day should get you there. Zinc’s not the only mineral in this though, there are antioxidants to get rid of free radicals as well. It’s basically immune food. So if you’re worried about taking some of the best meal replacement shakes, you can just stick with this.

2. IsaOmega

You know how you’re told you need healthy fats when you’re pregnant for healthy joints, heart and brain development, but you have scars from a childhood filled with mandatory cod liver oil sessions? 

Yeah, IsaOmega contains the appropriate amounts of omega-3 essential fatty acids concentrated with both DHA and EPA. It comes in capsule, so you won’t have any after taste.

3. Isagenix Fruits

Just because fruits are healthy and have healthy calories in them doesn’t mean liberally eating whatever fruit you want won’t gain you weight. Those healthy calories do add up. This Isalean product supplements your daily fruit and vegetable needs without all the extra calories.

4. Other Isagenix shakes and products that can suit breastfeeding mothers include Isalean shakes and Isalean bars (both with diary-free options).  


The solution to staying healthy but without excess weight simply requires eating healthy nutrients, but without the excess calories. 

Hence isagenix shakes and other products on Isagenix reviews for new mommies fit this bill. You simply get concentrated extracts, without the excess calories and your RDA is fulfilled.