I Lost 20kg on 12WBT and Got My Life Back 12WBT

I first met Kaye while filming a segment for A Current Affair, where my 12WBT was pitted against two other programs. Kaye, a busy mum with a lot going on in her life, put her hand up to road test my 12WBT.

The rest, as they say, is history. Kaye lost a phenomenal 20kg, and in the process got her life back! I sat down with Kaye and asked her about her journey: the good, the bad, and the unexpected.

When did you realise something had to change?

I started to have some health issues like heartburn, reflux and lots of excess weight around my middle. Nothing fit me and I was desperately unhappy with the “rut” my life was in. My body was an outward picture of how unhappy I was inside.

List some of your biggest achievements with 12WBT

  • I have totally transformed my health and fitness
  • I have lost 20kgs and am now at a healthy BMI
  • I run up stairs and enjoy it!
  • My skin is clear and my eyes are bright
  • I have never felt this strong
  • I sleep better and deal with stress a lot better
  • At 52, I am living proof you can lose weight and get fit despite perimenopause


How have your daily habits changed?

My old routine was totally different to what it is now. I would usually never eat breakfast, or if I did it would only be a cup of tea with milk, or an egg.

I now wake up in the morning and enjoy one of my go-to favourite breakfasts with green tea: banana on toast with ricotta and cinnamon or the apple cinnamon couscous.

My morning routine has had an overhaul, I wake earlier and smash out my workout (JDFI!). Choosing what to wear is easy and quick because everything fits me now! I feel stronger, energised and happier in myself.

What was your biggest hurdle, and how did you conquer it?

One of my biggest hurdles was learning not to eat the kids leftovers from their meals. I now get the kids to scrape and rinse their own plate once they’ve finished eating.

What little quirks helped you through along the way?

  • Peppermint tea after dinner each night
  • I have T2 liquorice legs when I feel like a little sweet treat
  • 70% Lindt dark chocolate is also good to keep in the fridge for those sweet craving emergencies!

How has your household changed since starting 12WBT?

  • We now enjoy our meals at the table together
  • The kids respect my 1 hour each day to exercise – they say “Mum you go and do your 12WBT” and sometimes they will join me
  • Junk food is absolutely gone from the cupboard
  • The kids are actively involved in meal prep and designing our Meal Plan for the week
  • Living by the 12WBT Meal Plans has cut my food bill in half and the extra money I put away each fortnight I am going to use to buy a treadmill

What are the three biggest lessons you’ve learnt by doing 12WBT?

  1. I can do whatever I put my mind to
  2. I deserve to live a fantastic life in a healthy way
  3. I am in total control of the choices I make, no one else

What would you say to your past self?

People always ask me now if it was easy. My answer to them is this: if you truly want it, it is. Be prepared to embrace the changes and do it for YOU. Stop overthinking and just start.

Living positively and healthily is so visible to others and soon you’ll have people asking, “You look great! What are you doing?”

My next 12WBT round starts soon! To start your own journey, click here.

Vegetarian Diet Plan | Slimming Pills Reviewed

The vegetarian diet is followed by many as part of their culture or choice. Some people look into the vegetarian diet plan to lead a healthier lifestyle and to promote weight loss. The vegetarian diet is a healthy lifestyle which is low in cholesterol, total and saturated fat. It may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Vegetarian diet by definition does not have any meat, poultry or fish. Some vegetarians prefer to eat eggs and milk products. True vegans only eat plan food and do not eat anything derived from animals including milk, eggs and honey. If you are considering vegetarianism, learn more about nutritious vegetarian foods.


Meat proteins are the superior quality proteins when compared to vegetarian sources. However, it is possible to get all the essential amino acids by eating a variety of plant based foods. Legumes and grains are good sources. You can choose soy over meat as it is a complete protein. Soy is the primary ingredient for most meatless nuggets, sausages and burgers. Combine different plant based sources to meet your protein needs. For example, have beans and rice.

One way to easily transition into the vegetarian lifestyle is to create a meatless version of your favorite recipe.

Calcium and Vitamin D

If you have milk, cheese or yogurt in your diet, you are safe with regards to calcium and vitamin D. But if you choose to become a vegan, you will have supplement your diet with alternate sources of calcium. Fortified soy milk, orange juice, seeds, nuts and green vegetables are good sources of calcium. The body can make vitamin D that is requires by exposure to sunlight. If that is not possible or you do not want to do it, consider vitamin supplementation.


Zinc is found in many vegetarian foods, but it is not as readily absorbed as the meat based zinc. Good sources of zinc are milk, cheese, whole grain breads, nuts, soy foods and legumes. Eating plenty of zinc rich foods can help with more absorption of zinc into the body.


Although, red meat tops the list of good sources of iron, it is plentiful in leafy green vegetables, cooked dry beans and fortified cereals and grains. Eating iron rich foods regularly and in combination with vitamin C, which improves the absorption of iron.

Omega-3 fatty acids

The best of source of Omega-3 fatty acids is fatty fish and eggs. If you do not consume either of those, you can get your Omega-3 fix from flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and soybean oil.

Vitamin B 12

Vitamin B12 is found only in meat products or fortified foods. Therefore, if you are a vegan you must eat vitamin B12 fortified foods or take Vitamin B12 supplements. Lack of Vitamin B12 can cause muscle weakness and tiredness.

Being a vegetarian has scores of health benefits and it is even safe for kids. You don’t even have to be a full time vegetarian to start out. You can go two to three days without meat to enhance your health. A vegetarian diet is high in antioxidants and fiber. It can help you with you weight loss goals as long as you pay attention to the portion sizes.

Green Coffee Extract Review

Green coffee extract is taken from green coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. The amount of caffeine is lower than it would be in normal coffee, while the flavor is almost nonexistent. What could possibly be the use of green coffee extract, then?

Along with the reduced caffeine and flavor, green coffee extract has a secret weapon! It’s called chlorogenic acid and it might be the greatest new way to fight obesity and high blood pressure.

How Green Coffee Extract Works

Chlorogenic acid is a naturally occuring antioxidant that can be found in many plants and plant-based foods, such as bamboo, peaches, prunes and coffee. While it’s present in even a standard cup of joe, it’s easier to get a larger–and more effective–dose from green coffee extract. It’s theorized that the chlorogenic acid prevents the body from absorbing glucose and lowers the glycemic peak. Scientists know that the presence of chlorogenic acid slows the body’s release of glucose into the bloodstream after eating, which could be why it might lower blood sugar spikes and enhance the burning of fat.

Another important factor in green coffee bean extract is that it affects the hormone adiponectin, which controls many different fat burning processes in the body. The way that green coffee extract interacts with adiponectin is one reason why studies have found that coffee has far greater fat burning power than green tea, despite the many health benefits associated with the latter. Habitual coffee drinkers have higher adiponectin levels, as well as a greater capacity for fat burning.

References: http://www5.ocn.ne.jp/~ajca/cosic23.6-15.pdf

One double-blind study headed by leading green coffee extract expert Dr. Joe Vinson found that subjects on 1050mg doses of green coffee extract over a 22 week period had an average weight loss of 17 pounds, or 10.5% of their body weight. This translated to a decrease in their body fat by 16%. Excitingly, it also reduced their blood pressure. The most astounding part of all was that none of the participants changed their diet significantly over the course of the study. This was purely the effect of the green coffee extract.

References: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3267522/

Additionally, the antioxidant rich green coffee extract can help your body flush out the by-products of fat metabolism, free radicals.

What’s in Green Coffee Extract?

Green Coffee Extract 2000mg is a unique product on the market. Why? Because unlike other supplements, it contains 100% pure green coffee extract that has been harvested from unroasted green coffee beans.

The 100% natural, pure extract of unroasted green coffee beans needs no fillers or additives. In its pure form, it has been coined the newest miracle in the weight loss supplement industry. As one of the most potent sources of chlorogenic acid, it has been found to enhance metabolism, boost fat reduction and elimination, balance blood sugar-levels, and act as a superior antioxidant against oxygen free radical damage.

Using Green Coffee Extract

Manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed at all times. Consume only 1 to 3 capsules every day for optimum results. Green coffee extract is potent enough to do it’s work at these levels.

The Verdict

If you are in the market for a 100% pure, natural green coffee extract, there is only one product for you. The original green coffee extract with 2000mg of pure green coffee is just what you need.

Where to buy 100% pure green coffee extract?

The best place to get Green Coffee Extract is direct at the Evolution Slimming online store here.

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FutureShape Fat Burner


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Today there’s a new weight loss tool that you should consider adding if you’re looking for a safe, healthy way to burn off that stubborn stored fat. It is called:Futureshape Fat Burner , and it uses an all-natural herbal compound named Zenolite (PHC G-032GBB).

Let’s look at how this new weight loss aid works:

Futureshape Fat Burner ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia Extract
Appetite suppressant, inhibit synthesis of lipids, and thermogenic fat burner (HerbalProvider.com, 2003; InterHealth, 2003).

Banaba Extract
Control of blood sugar levels. Corosolic acid in one of the active ingredients in the leaves of the Banaba plant. A human study showed improvement in blood sugar control in diabetics with type II diabetes.

Green Tea
An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition report found that green tea increased the expenditure of energy. An additional benefit was an increase in fat oxidation, which helps make the fat available to be burned.

Green Coffee
Chlorogenic Acid is available in Green coffee bean extract in large quantities. A recent study has proven it enhances metabolism, boosts body fat reduction & elimination, balances blood sugar levels, and is a superior antioxidant (protection against free radical damage).

So how does Futureshape’s Fat Burner work?

Let’s take a closer look and see what each of the benefits are:

1. Burning fat

Burning excess and stored fat helps reduce your BMI, or Body Mass Index, which is an index that measures your body composition. So how does Zenolite burn off that excess fat?

  • Garcinia Cambogia provides HCA (Hydroxycitric acid). HCA releases and then mobilizes fat, allowing it to be burned to produce more energy.
  • Pigallocatechin (also known as EGCG), L-theanine & caffeine (all three supplied by the green tea leaf) help burn the fat made available by the HCA.

2. Blocking fat to prevent storage in the first place

By making sure what you eat is not easily converted to fat, you can lose the weight you want.

  • HCA prevents storage of calories in fat in the first place.
  • EGCG, Chlorogenic acid (from the Green Coffee bean), and corosolic acid (from Banaba) help reduce the conversion of excess calories into fat.

3. Reduce the absorption of dietary fat

Not only does Futureshape Fat Burner prevent the conversion of excess calories into fat, but it also prevents your body from absorbing the pre-existing fat that exists in the foods you eat.

  • Green tea extract helps reduce the lipase enzyme, which is key in the body’s absorption of fat in the foods you eat.

In addition to those three key areas, Futureshape’s Fat Burner also works in the following areas to further support weight loss:

1. Control your food cravings and appetite while maintaining a healthy blood sugar level

  • HCA increases the production of glucose and glycogen, which increases that feeling of satiation. Feeling sated then reduces your appetite and food cravings.
  • Chlorogenic Acid and Corosolic Acid help you keep your blood sugar and healthy levels, which also helps cut down your appetite and food cravings.

2. Reduce your stress which also enhances your relaxation and alertness

  • L-theanine stimulates the production of alpha brain waves. This helps you relax, reducing your stress levels, while feeling more alert.

So is it really effective?

When clinically tested, Futureshape Fat Burner users lost 5.21 kg as apposed to users who lost only 2.42kg with a placebo.

The verdict

If you want a non-prescription solution that has been proven to provide measurable weight loss, then look no further than Fat Burner by Futureshape. It is clinically proven to turboboost your metabolism to burn more calories with a 100% natural formula.

Where to buy Futureshape Fat Burner?

The best place to buy Futureshape Fat Burner is direct at the official www.futureshape.com website here.

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You’re The Apple Of My Eye

I am ecstatic about this dietary antioxidant! Like most people, I have seen the word “antioxidant” here and there, but also like most people, I don’t accurately know what it is and what it does. So when I received press samples from Renovatio, I did some quick reading to get to its core.

Renovatio, an Australian superfood company, makes the world’s strongest antioxidants from Australian apples. Made from wholesome ingredients, the vegan products are sold as supplements and skin cream, and they are delivering extraordinary results across the world. And now, I’m the latest convert.

Consider this: The human body is made up of trillions of cells (hair, skin, organ, brain) and healthy cells means healthy body. However, our cells are under attack all the time from free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules missing an electron so they steal electrons from cells. These rotten baddies can come from air pollution, alcohol, stress, and are a by-product of the body’s systems. When free radicals attack, the cells become badly damaged and cause inflammation which leads to body pain, illnesses, and diseases.

The only prevention against these free radicals and their damaging effects is by consuming safe dietary antioxidants. Antioxidants move through the body assisting with cellular health. They mop up free radicals which damage cells causing serious health conditions such as cancer, inflammation and other chronic health conditions. Renovatio produces supplements and skin cream containing activated phenolics made from Australian apples. Activated phenolics are the super heroes of antioxidants because they are 12 times more potent than other antioxidants, because it is 90% abosorbed by the body. Renovatio was founded in Sydney, Australia and born as a result of 6 years of dedicated research by Indonesian-born Dr Vincent Candrawinata. Dr. Vincent achieved world health history when he discovered a way to extract activated phenolics from produce without the use of chemicals and solvents – the result being a bionic antioxidant which is easily absorbed by the body.

OK, science class’s over.

There are three products we are looking at here: dietary supplements Activated Phenolic Antioxidant Tablets and Activated Phenolics Powder, and APSKIN Face Cream. Face cream is no stranger to me, and tablets are fine, but I was not accustomed with powder supplements. After several weeks of apple-eyeing (applying!) all three, my fave product turns out to be the powder.

A scoop of the supplement is equivalent to 2kg of apples. A heaping teaspoon dissolved in water and taken twice a day is all there is to deliver the antioxidants into our body. The experience is not unlike drinking apple juice, with a familiar friendly flavor, while the sweetness has been curbed to a very mild level. Incredibly I feel great and happy whenever I drink this, perhaps the familiar fragrance of fresh apples is an uplifting factor. I have been sipping this every morning to jumpstart my day. I will save the capsules for when I travel since it more practical than packing a tub of powder into my suitcase (been striving to travel light these days).

The face cream is a pleasant surprise. It is moisturizing and also has a gentle apple fragrance which is lovely and calm-inducing. Even though the packaging is as plain as it gets with no frills, the cream itself feels great on my face and leaves a soft dewy finish. It is suitable for all skin types, and according to the brand, some people have even found that it heals eczema. You know what will be cool? If Renovatio can add body lotion to its product line in the future, so that  the entire body is taken care of inside and out.

This is a line of family-friendly products, so it is safe even for kids to take the supplements. For children, the antioxidant supplements help boost immunity support to fend off colds and flu, as well as improving concentration, learning, and brain functions. For adults, this superfood helps to fight off fatigue, expedite recovery after exercise, alleviate digestion and gut issues, and maintain healthy skin and hydration. For seniors 55 years and older, these dietary supplements help to prevent inflammatory joints and joint pains, protect liver, kidney and pancreas, improve memory, concentration and alertness, and strengthen the immune system.

As the saying goes: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. I am genuinely enjoying these products and will be introducing them to my parents, my sis, and my young nephews.

Renovatio can now be ordered online with free shipping in Singapore. Use code “MOONBERRY” to receive 10% discount at check out and start enjoying the benefits of activated phenolics in your daily supplements.

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