Hemp Vs Marijuana

Hemp Vs Marijuana: The Differences You Need to Know

Over the years our understanding of cannabis and its effects on the human body has improved by leaps and bounds. Although there is still much to research, we can already agree that cannabis is beneficial to us in many ways. However, cannabis Sativa plant species have different variations like (Hemp) and (Marijuana). And both of these plants have different effects on our health due to the variation of amounts of THC and CBD. These compounds are directly responsible for the effects of the plant. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the culprit behind “getting high” because it is a psychoactive substance. CBD or cannabidiol, however, does not have such qualities.

What we know about Hemp? 

Hemp is the less euphoric cousin of Marijuana, mainly since it contains almost nonexistent amounts of THC. However, it’s in no way less health beneficial because hemp contains twice the amount of CBD than Marijuana.  

The popularity of Hemp oil in recent years has risen exponentially. Extensive amounts of research on cannabis and its components have proven the benefits of THC and CBD on the human body. Since CBD is the dominant component of hemp oil products it is worth mentioning its benefits. CBD is believed to be effective in treating such diseases like Cancer, Parkinson’s, ASL, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes and the list is still growing.  

Despite all these benefits, Hemp is still being scrutinized and is illegal in many parts of the world. Even in the US, locally grown Hemp is subject to seed-to-sale state laws. Only the hemp acquired outside of the United States is considered legal for use in any of the states. 

What we know about Marijuana? 

Marijuana is the happy relative of Hemp, which is responsible for the enormous amounts of endorphin release during consumption. This type of cannabis has its own merits even though it may contain fewer amounts of CBD compared to Hemp. It is in no way nonexistent. Additionally, Marijuana packs a high quantity of THC which is proven effective in treating PTSD, glaucoma, and asthma. But because THC has psychotropic properties, it remains illegal in many countries.  

CBD exists in both Hemp and Marijuana. The only difference is the density of CBD in them, aside from that both of these sources supply identical CBD and can be used in getting cannabidiol oil. 

The Key Factor: THC 

As mentioned earlier, the key factor in distinguishing Hemp vs. Marijuana is the compound THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. To clarify, Hemp contains less than .3% of THC whereas Marijuana has .3% and more. Average Marijuana contains 20% of THC, hence the “HIGH” effect it has on our mind. 

Side effects regarding Hemp vs Marijuana 

When it comes to side effects Hemp is the clear winner because it has insignificant amounts of THC. Research shows that CBD is well tolerated and the only side effects that may occur are due to interaction with a different drug.  

THC rich Marijuana, on the other hand, has several side effects, ranging from temporary to permanent. 
Temporary side effects include Memory loss, increased heart rate, coordination problems, red eyes, slower reaction times and dry mouth. 

Permanent side effects include higher risks of psychiatric disorders among teens such as schizophrenia.  

Legal Aspect of Hemp Vs Marijuana

The ratio of THC is only the distinction in usage of Hemp and Marijuana; it is also the indicator of the legality of these plants. 
In the majority of the world Hemp is deemed legal due to its low levels of THC. In many of the US states, the legally acceptable amount of THC in Hemp is up to 0.3%. The globally legally acceptable ratio is around 0.2%.  

However, when it comes to Marijuana legal acceptance is still far behind due to the high amount of THC it contains. Only a few countries have legalised medicinal use of Marijuana, such as Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Australia, etc. 

In the US Marijuana is illegal on a federal level; however, 33 states have permitted medical use of marijuana within their territory

Final Thoughts

It is made clear by now that CBD based products and Hemp oil are perfectly legal and carry a range of health benefits. Furthermore, these products are already being used globally in treating many illnesses and improving overall health.