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How TruVision Can Help the Copper and Zinc Paradox

Written by Bill Oliver

The importance of the mineral in your body does not relate to the amount required. It is hard to get all the vital minerals needed for the body from foods we consume. Many farmers cut on cost when growing food which leads to the food being less effective in nourishing our health. Nutritionists recommend fruit to grains ratio of five. But, it is hard to get a balanced diet due to the way crops are grown. People try to save on cost which leads to the production of food crops which do not meet the required nutrition value. To help in combating the risk of developing poor health, TruVision made a supplement which can be
consumed to help the body regain the vital nutrients required for proper growth. 

Health benefits of Copper and Zinc 

Zinc and copper are the third most essential minerals in the body. They come after calcium and magnesium. The minerals have essential roles to play in the body. About two decades back, it was a common thing to hear about copper and zinc toxicity. Nowadays people are barely getting enough of the minerals. It can be blamed for taking prescription supplements which do not work. TruVision is made in a different way to assure you great results.  

What is the importance of copper in the body? 

Many people believe copper is a mineral responsible for making things such as coins. But, when it comes to biology, the mineral is necessary for making functional circulatory system. It is used in different areas of the body such as strengthening the heart, formation of veins as well as making collagen. It is
an element responsible for gluing our body together. 

If there were no copper, it would be hard for the brain to pass messages to other organs in the body. Communication such as alerting the stomach to start digestion would be hard. It is also necessary for making enzymes which help in mitochondria to generate energy. 

How we find the mineral 

Copper is available in many foods. You can eat food such as lentils, chocolate, mushrooms, wheat among others to access enough copper for proper body functioning. A healthy adult needs about 0.9 grams of copper each day. If you eat more than 10 mg per day, it is not accepted. Most copper supplements on the market have about 2 milligrams of copper. 

Cow milk has low copper content when compared to the milk produced by humans. Infants who feed
on cow milk are at high risk of developing copper and zinc deficiency. They end up being malnutrition babies. They can suffer from anemia or low blood count. 

Are you getting enough nutrients? 

You may be getting copper deficit without knowing if you take too much vitamin c. If you have too much zinc, there are high chances you have low copper count. For instance, more than 40 mg of zinc in a day can expose you to low copper. Zinc is responsible for making male reproduction fluids. It is more of a genetic disorder rather than a diet disorder. It is associated with other diminished senses such as impaired hearing and smell. Zinc regulates the production of testosterone, but it also plays a role in the way enzymes in the body function. People who are at a deficit in zinc suffer from cornea obscurity and night blindness. 

Finding the Right Mix 

You need a healthy balance between copper and zinc. The two minerals are vital for you to achieve normal functioning of your body. There are also adverse side effects when the minerals are too little or too much. To avoid cases where different companies end up selling supplements which do not work, it is necessary to read the labels carefully before you decide to buy a given supplement. 

You can easily find the right amount of essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and copper among others if you rely on TruVision review. The supplement contains different amounts of supplements. There are others which contain chlorogenic acid, copper, zinc among others. The supplement is referred to as TruFix and can help you fix different problems in your blood sugar levels. 

The other ingredients in TruVision are green tea and B6. It plays a great role in boosting the rate of metabolism. TruControl aids in the promotion of calcium retention, breaking down of fat, boosting metabolism and regulating blood glucose levels.

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