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InnisFree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask


I have so much love for the Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask from InnisFree. I came across this product two years ago when I was having severe breakouts around my chin and jaw. To supplement the anti-acne products I was using at the time, I specifically was looking for a mud mask of sorts to help unclog pores, absorb sebum, and act as a mild exfoliant.

In the past two years, my breakouts were pretty severe and they wouldn’t go away. I was thankful they were isolated to just around the chin area but these painful cystic acnes would linger deep beneath the skin for weeks and wouldn’t surface. Annoying max! The dermatologist I saw diagnosed this as hormonal-caused and he prescribed me with a topical antibiotic but it irritated my skin more and caused the itching to progress to burning, followed by angry red patches all around my chin which would then start throbbing and pretty much derailed my mood into the darkest of dark pits. Depressing would be an understatement.

I lucked out when I picked up this clay mousse mask at InnisFree on a whim. Unlike most mud masks out there that come in a dense cakey paste form, the texture of this volcanic clay mousse mask is velvety and feels like soft whipped cream. It is truly gentle to use and also cooling when I applied it onto my face. It is so soothing that I didn’t hesitate to use this up to three times a week in the beginning and I’d feel less distressed by the acne.

Subsequently whenever I felt an outbreak creeping up, I’d quickly ramp up the use of this mask and increase frequency of applications. I’d also use it as a spot treatment on the affected areas to soothe and calm whatever nasties are angrily brewing underneath the skin. (There are other products which have been effective for my cystic acne too, but I’ll share them in other posts.)

By the way, this clay mousse mask comes in two versions: the original “Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask” and the “Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask”. I started with the original version but when I was in Seoul not long ago to pick up a refill, the store staff recommended the “Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask” instead. Both versions are part of the InnisFree inventory.

These two products look the same in packaging but the Original version is meant for Normal/Combination skin, while the Super version is more suitable for Dry skin (that’s what I was told by the staff and my skin type is definitely more on the dryer side). After using this mask for several weeks, I’m thrilled to say that the Super version is actually working better on my face compared to the Original.

Because of the packaging design, the product has to be dispensed carefully otherwise too much will be pumped out and applying a thick layer on the face will result in a much longer drying time. IMO for a mask like this, a thin layer allows the mask to do a better job in absorbing excess sebum during the drying process (ie. quicker). Conversely, for a hydrating mask – by all means apply a generous layer so the hydrating time is extended (ie. longer) and skin can benefit from more moisture. Look at how a tiny little bit can be spread out to a large surface area.

The significant difference that I noticed between the Original and Super is that the latter has micro-fine clay granules that exfoliates my face softly while rinsing. A quick visit to the InnisFree website confirms that the Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask contains fine scrub particles combined with AHA and BHA to help remove dead skin cells.

The shared benefits of AHA and BHA include:

  • diminishing the look of lines and wrinkles
  • making skin look and feel firmer
  • hydrating
  • improving the look of dull, uneven skin tone
  • smoothening out rough texture

No wonder after I rinse off this mask, I can feel a difference in my skin right away. Not only does my skin feel smoother, I can visibly see it more even-toned and one shade lighter. The best part is that my face doesn’t feel leathery or dry afterwards. Most mud or clay masks I’ve used in the past leave a suuuper tight feeling, but not with this InnisFree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask. The Original doesn’t either, but I find my skin appearing more radiant with the Super version.

Here’s me after rinsing off the clay mask and without makeup, just the usual skincare routine with non-tinted sunscreen. I love it when my skin is in this condition!

I’m so happy with this product and after using it since 2015, I have been recommending it to friends. Even if you don’t have troubled, acne-prone skin like the situation I was in, this product is good to incorporate into your skincare routine as a gentle exfoliant and also as a weekly pore care to reduce blackheads and shrink pores.

I will definitely be buying this InnisFree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask at the store again.

Donald Foust Editor
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Donald Foust Editor
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