Now Foods Valerian Root

Valerian Root: An Effective Sleeping Supplement of Now Food Brand

Valerian root is a plant that has mild sedative properties and it’s usually marketed as a sleeping aid and even a treatment to anxiety. Because of its relaxing properties, it has proven to be quite effective in treating insomnia and anxiety. In this article, we review Now Foods Valerian Root and tell you whether this sleeping pill works or if it’s just a waste of your time and money. Read through to the end to find out the truth.

Now Foods Valerian Root: How does it Work?

According to scientists, valerian’s effectiveness is not just down to one chemical component but a combination of chemicals.

According to National Institute of Health, many of the chemical compounds of the Valerian root have shown sedative properties in animal researches.

However, it’s not certain how valerian root affects a person’s brain. A common theory is that it stimulates the nerve cells to release a chemical known as GABA (gamma-aminobutric acid).

Rather than excite it, GABA actually slows down the nerve cell activity. The extract is also thought to block an enzyme that could destroy GABA, which means that there is more GABA for a longer period of time.

All these factors produce the calming effect that is experienced by those who try the Now Foods Valerian Root. Drugs like Valium and Xanax also increase the levels of GABA in your body, and they have much greater effects compared to valerian root.

How is NOW Foods Valerian Root Prepared?

NOW Foods Valerian dietary supplement is made mostly from the root of the plant, but it can also be derived from the stem of the plant. While the plant may be taken in different forms, including teas, tablets and tinctures, the Now Foods Valerian Root is available in capsule form.

The dosage varies from a person to the next, however, the typical dosage is about 400-900 mg taken just before one goes to bed.

The dosage is also determined by the amount of valerenic acid that the supplement contains. Valerenic acid is thought to be among the most potent sedative components of the plant.

It’s recommended that you take Now Foods valerian root for 2-3 weeks and then take a break for the same period of time before continuing. This is because using the supplement for extended periods may lead to certain side effects like depression, withdrawal, and headaches.


Improves sleep quality

Reduces stress

It is low-cost compared to other sleeping pills in the market

Has calming properties

It is made from all-natural ingredients so it’s very safe

May help an individual fall asleep faster


Does not work instantly and may need to be taken for a couple of times before it works

Valerian alone has not yet been scientifically proven to be an effective sleeping aid

Probable Risks

While further studies are required to establish any long-term side effects, there have not been significant reports of adverse side effects linked to valerian.

There have however been some mild side effects which include headaches, itchiness, gastrointestinal disturbances and dizziness.

But it’s hard to directly attribute these side effects to valerian, given that some people who also took placebo supplements reported experiencing them.

Who should not take it?

Despite NOW Foods Valerian Root’s gentleness, breastfeeding or pregnant women are cautioned against taking it because there are not studies that have been done to establish the potential dangers to infants or the fetus.

Children below 3 years should also not be given this sleeping pill as side effects on early development are yet to be established.

Consult your doctor if before you take Now Foods Valerian Root if already taking:

Benzodiazepines, like Valium, Xanax, or Ativan

Other sleeping-aid depressants, like melatonin or kava. These drugs have depressant and sedative properties that might result in more severe side effects or grogginess if combined with those of NOW Foods Valerian Root.

Central Nervous System depressants like morphine or Phenobarbital

Even if you are not currently on any medication, it’s always advisable to talk to your doctor before you start taking any supplements, not just Now Foods valerian roots.

Your doctor will tell you if the best option is valerian, and may even suggest dosages and the best brand which they think is the safest and most effective.

Who’s Behind the Product?

The company behind this sleeping aid is called NOW Foods, and it’s one of the largest and the most reputable companies as far as supplements are concerned. With more than 50 years of experience, the company creates innovative and effective health supplements to meet the growing demands of its clients. Today, they sell more than 1000 unique products.

Verdict: It’s Worth Giving a Try

The NOW Foods valerian root supplement is natural, safe and has been produced by an internationally reputable company. Derived from valerian root extract, the Now Foods valerian roots sleeping supplement is safe for use given that it comes purely from plant substances. Although no substantive studies have been conducted to establish the long-term side-effects of this supplement, preliminary studies show that it is largely safe and only has mild side effects like a headache and dizziness. It is not like most sleeping pills that come with dangerous side effects. Our verdict is that you should buy it for anxiety and insomnia treatment.