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Sayonara, Sunspots: A Sunscreen Review


Ah, clear blue skies, bright sun, the lovely outdoors. To most, it’s the encapsulation of a beautiful perfect day. But… it can also be a nightmare, especially if you’ve skipped using sunscreen. It’s so important to use sunscreen daily and here’s reviewing the collection I’ve got.


We know sunscreen is an everyday MUST, but at the same time it’s so easy to forget putting it on. I know I’m not alone in this. I believe the majority of people who don’t like putting on sunscreen and end up ignoring it altogether are put off by the greasy texture. I can totally relate to this aversion. Like, it’s already humid and muggy out, perspiration levels are hitting the roof, the last thing we want is a layer of slippery grease that clings onto our already-clammy skin. Ick!

But there’s no other way around this. Human skin is the largest organ in our body and also the most exposed. As much as some days I want to skip putting it on, I know it’s a bad idea. So in order to make this experience more enjoyable, I’ve been on the lookout for different sunscreens and putting them to the test.


My number 1 criteria for a sunscreen is the SPF value and I always go for SPF50++. My second criteria is tinted coverage because I like double-duty products; it saves me an extra step in the morning so why not? I’ve got a bunch of sunscreens in my bathroom counter and I’ve been rotating them, depending on how my skin feels that day.


Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense

Pros: It is a light lotion that can be used on both face and body. It feels utilitarian as it’s non-scented. Zero coverage.

Cons: Leaves a sticky layer on my skin. Not as bad as others, but still.


CNP Laboratory Tone-Up Protection Sun

Pros: On days when I skip my BB Cream, I go for this after the moisturiser step (See my writeup on the 10-Step Korean Skincare routine) and it’s sufficient to give me an even coverage. The lotion is quite thick so just a pea-sized amount, or even less, is adequate. The resulting finish is somewhat dewy and radiant. Medium coverage.

Cons: Lower SPF value (42++) than I’d have liked. The shade of pinkish-white it leaves behind is NOT universal on everyone’s skin, in fact it doesn’t look natural on me even though it generally fades after about an hour or so.


Look At Me Jelly Sunscreen

Pros: I picked up this tube of Korean skincare brand’s jelly sunscreen because it’s jelly! How could I not be curious to see how that feels on the skin? Happy to report that it’s quite light-weight and dissolves onto the skin nicely. It has a mild fruity scent too and the overall finish is somewhere between dewy and matte. Definitely not shiny or oily. Zero coverage.

Cons: Leaves a slightly sticky feeling on skin, but I guess that’s better than a greasy feeling. Also doesn’t play so well with my makeup as it starts flaking when I’m applying finishing powder. I guess this product is best used on au naturel face.


Coola Face Mineral Sunscreen

Pros: My second tube! The first moment I had this on my face I fell in love because it’s made of natural ingredients, it’s tinted, it’s light-weight, and it leaves a nice powdery matte finish. Who doesn’t love that? Medium coverage.

Cons: Lower SPF value (30++) than I’d have liked.


IT Cosmetics CC+ Ilumination

Pros: For me, this CC foundation with strong SPF is a heavy-duty multitasking performer. I say heavy-duty because the coverage is solid and it covers up everything.

Cons: Thick texture, feels heavy on the face.


Dermalogica SkinPerfect Primer

Pros: A multi-tasking product that’s a tinted primer packed with anti-oxidants to combat anti-aging, this goes on velvety on the skin with a smooth, even, matte, decent coverage.

Cons: Lower SPF than I’d have liked (30++) and there’s a strange tingly prickly sensation when I use this! My skin also feels really dry after.


Target Sport Sunscreen Spray

Pros: Ok, this one’s for body and I have to include it because it’s so convenient to apply. Continuous one-button spray all over limbs, back, even hair for me, and it feels cooling. The microfine mist settles lightly into a protective layer onto the skin and it feels pampering.

Cons: Can leave quite a greasy film behind.


Product textures:

A: Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense
B: CNP Laboratory Tone-Up Protection Sun
C: Look At Me Jelly Sunscreen
D: IT Cosmetics CC+ Ilumination
E: Coola Face Mineral Sunscreen
F: Dermalogica SkinPerfect Primer

And oh hey, look I’m spotting some freckles on my inner left arm. How and when did those get on there!? *mega eye-roll* See, this is why sunscreens are indispensable for me (as it should be for all of you too).


Any fave brand that you’d like to share with me? I’m always on the lookout for more sunscreens. Would also love to hear your thoughts on sunscreens too: concerns, likes, dislikes?

Have you put on your sunscreen today?


Donald Foust Editor
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Donald Foust Editor
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