Now Foods Valerian Root: A Safe and Effective Sleeping Supplement


Valerian root is a plant that has mild sedative properties and it’s usually marketed as a sleeping aid and even a treatment to anxiety.

Because of its relaxing properties, it has proven to be quite effective in treating insomnia and anxiety. In this article, we review Now Foods Valerian Root and tell you whether this sleeping pill works or if it’s just a waste of your time and money. Read through to the end to find out the truth.

Now Foods Valerian Root: How does it Work?

According to scientists, valerian’s effectiveness is not just down to one chemical component but a combination of chemicals.

According to National Institute of Health, many of the chemical compounds of the Valerian root have shown sedative properties in animal researches.

However, it’s not certain how valerian root affects a person’s brain. A common theory is that it stimulates the nerve cells to release a chemical known as GABA (gamma-aminobutric acid).

Rather than excite it, GABA actually slows down the nerve cell activity. The extract is also thought to block an enzyme that could destroy GABA, which means that there is more GABA for a longer period of time.

All these factors produce the calming effect that is experienced by those who try the Now Foods Valerian Root. Drugs like Valium and Xanax also increase the levels of GABA in your body, and they have much greater effects compared to valerian root.

How is NOW Foods Valerian Root Prepared?

NOW Foods Valerian dietary supplement is made mostly from the root of the plant, but it can also be derived from the stem of the plant. While the plant may be taken in different forms, including teas, tablets and tinctures, the Now Foods Valerian Root is available in capsule form.

The dosage varies from a person to the next, however the typical dosage is about 400-900 mg taken just before one goes to bed.

The dosage is also determined by the amount of valerenic acid that the supplement contains. Valerenic acid is thought to be among the most potent sedative components of the plant.

It’s recommended that you take Now Foods valerian root for 2-3 weeks and then take a break for the same period of time before continuing. This is because using the supplement for extended periods may lead to certain side effects like depression, withdrawal and headaches.


• Improves sleep quality

• Reduces stress

• It is low-cost compared to other sleeping pills in the market

• Has calming properties

• It is made from all-natural ingredients so it’s very safe

• May help an individual fall asleep faster


• Does not work instantly and may need to be taken for a couple of times before it works

• Valerian alone has not yet been scientifically proven to be an effective sleeping aid

Probable Risks

While further studies are required to establish any long-term side effects, there have not been significant reports of adverse side effects linked to valerian.

There have however been some mild side effects which include headaches, itchiness, gastrointestinal disturbances and dizziness.

But it’s hard to directly attribute these side effects to valerian, given that some people who also took placebo supplements reported experiencing them.

Who should not take it?

Despite NOW Foods Valerian Root’s gentleness, breastfeeding or pregnant women are cautioned against taking it because there are not studies that have been done to establish the potential dangers to infants or the fetus.

Children below 3 years should also not be given this sleeping pill as side effects on early development are yet to be established.

Consult your doctor if before you take Now Foods Valerian Root if already taking:

• Benzodiazepines, like Valium, Xanax, or Ativan

• Other sleeping-aid depressants, like melatonin or kava. These drugs have depressant and sedative properties that might result in more severe side effects or grogginess if combined with those of NOW Foods Valerian Root.

• Central Nervous System depressants like morphine or Phenobarbital

Even if you are not currently on any medication, it’s always advisable to talk to your doctor before you start taking any supplements, not just Now Foods valerian roots.

Your doctor will tell you if the best option is valerian, and may even suggest dosages and the best brand which they think is the safest and most effective.

Who’s Behind the Product?

The company behind this sleeping aid is called NOW Foods, and it’s one of the largest and the most reputable companies as far as supplements are concerned. With more than 50 years of experience, the company creates innovative and effective health supplements to meet the growing demands of its clients. Today, they sell more than 1000 unique products.

Verdict: It’s Worth Giving a Try

The NOW Foods valerian root supplement is natural, safe and has been produced by an internationally reputable company. Derived from valerian root extract, the Now Foods valerian roots sleeping supplement is safe for use given that it comes purely from plant substances. Although no substantive studies have been conducted to establish the long-term side-effects of this supplement, preliminary studies show that it is largely safe and only has mild side effects like a headache and dizziness. It is not like most sleeping pills that come with dangerous side effects. Our verdict is that you should buy it for anxiety and insomnia treatment.

NoctuRest™ advanced sleep support review

What is Nocturest?

Nocturest is a form of sleeping remedy that is used by people who have a sleeping disorder. It can be used for short term or long term depending on the issues that you have with your sleep. What makes the product to be preferred over the rest is the fact that it is infused with strong and reliable ingredients that work magnificently. This in return helps in getting one’s sleeping patterns to normal.  

How does it work?  

Nocturest works by eliminating all the symptoms or causes of insomnia such as stress hence allowing you to have a calm mind for better sleep. In other words, it supports your health which in return makes you have a comfortable sleep at night. Also according to a research conducted on the functioning of the product, results show that the product has natural sedatives which help to balance the body’s hormones for better sleep.

Benefits of Nocturest 

  • The products have no side effects hence it cannot cause any harms to your health.
  • It is sold at a pocket-friendly price since a pack goes for about 34 dollars.
  • It worksfastand it is reliable as well.  
  • All the ingredients used to make theproduct are listed on the package. This is essential since oneis able to identify the products that may cause side effects in their body and avoid buying it. 
  • It is made with pure natural ingredients, unlike other products.


Disadvantages of Nocturest product 

  • Nocturestproduct does not contain the manufacturers’ information and other details which are supposed to be outlined on the packaging. As we all know this is a common practice that is done by various production companies.  
  • The packaging does not disclose the dosage that should be taken by the patient.


The production of Nocturest

Nocturest is manufactured by Rejuvica company. According to the manufacturers, the product is carefully formulated and made using the best elements to support one’s sleep and improve a healthy sleep. According to the manufacturers, 85 percent of the elements in the product is absorbed in the body for support of the sleeping patterns.  


Working progress and the ingredients incorporated 

This is one of the safest products to use to improve your sleeping pattern since it is made with pure natural ingredients which are the most recommended for supporting one’s sleep. Also, since the product is manufactured in the form of a liquid, this makes it easy for the product to be absorbed in the body hence giving fast results to the user.

The ingredients used to make Nocturest 


Theanine is a form of amino acids which works by minimizing the stress that may be causing insomnia.

The lemon balm

The lemon balm is essential for soothing your body and it also helps improve the cardiovascular health.


This works just like Theanine.


It regulates the biological reactions such as metabolism thus promoting circulation and better health sleep.


The element is added to the product to help in inducing sleep for better sleep pattern.


The element is essential for promoting the body to relax thus helping you have a better sleep at night.

Frequently asked questions about Nocturest

Question: How is the product used?

Answer: Before taking the product one is required to consult a physician so he or she can advise you on the correct dosage to take. This is because the manufacturing company has not indicated the right dosage that the patient should take.

Question: How long does it take to work?

Answer: According to the manufacturers, one is expected to see the changes after the first week of using this product.

Question: Does the product have any side effects?

Answer: Nocturest has no side effect since it is purely made using natural ingredients. It has also been tested and passed by FDA to be safe for use. But, before you buy the product, read the ingredients used as some may have an allergic reaction to your body.  


Nocturest is among the few most trusted sleeping remedies that you must consider using if you have a sleeping issue. The product contains pure healthy natural ingredients that do not have any side effects. Consult a doctor before taking the product so he or she can advise on the right dosage to take for better sleep at night.

Using Relaxium Sleep Drug as a Sleeping Aid

Currently, there are numerous sleeping aid drugs on the market. However, using some of these drugs might not help us. We will just be wasting our precious time by purchasing and using them. Today, we have one of the best sleeping aid drug commonly known as the Relaxium Sleep. Sleep is essential to everyone and therefore using this drug allows us to fall asleep faster, as well as staying asleep for extended hours during the sleeping time.  

The good thing about Relaxium Sleep is that it can be used to treat insomnia. Insomnia is a psychological problem where we find it difficult to fall asleep. Anxiety, depression, and stress mainly cause it. If a person does not treat it during the early stages, it can lead to extensive damages.

About Relaxium Sleep  

Relaxium Sleep is a natural drug made to be used by both women and men who have sleeping challenges. It is made from several natural components that work perfectly in handling insomnia. It will attain the desired outcomes in a short time. Therefore, one cannot experience groggy hangovers or side effects because the sleeping aid utilizes natural ingredients. The drug comes in the form of capsules, and a user should take two pills at any particular time during a meal. It should however not be taken just before going to bed. The professionals recommend not to take more than two capsules a day. Various Customer Relaxium Reviews have shown that the drug is potent as it is claimed to be.  

When consumed as per the prescriptions, a user will realize the results very fast. It improves the brain hormonal balance. The drug will allow a user have consistent sleeping patterns and lower the anxiety and stress that the user might possess.

The Brain behind Relaxium Sleep  

Relaxium sleep is an invention of the American Behavioral Research Institute. This company was started by Dr. Eric Ciliberti, the person who invented this supplement. He was looking for an ideal remedy for insomnia that would naturally promote sleep and have no harmful effects. Through comprehensive research, he founded this innovative product. Dr. Eric Ciliberti has vast experience in dealing with sleeping cases, and he has efficiently handled numerous sleeping problems. The manufacturer stated that the remedy increases the level of serotonin in the brain, thereby helping the user to have stead and peaceful sleeping patterns. Over the past decades, the inventor has combined science with the knowledge he has learned. The components used to make this drug are said to work by regulating the hormonal balance in the brain. This way, they lower the distress and several other causes of sleeplessness.

Relaxium Sleep Ingredients  

The ingredients used are all natural and have no chemical fillers. They are extracted from various components that include plants extracts and hormones. One primary benefit of these components is that they possess no side effects. One can find numerous customer Relaxium Reviews on the internet to confirm that it is true. The ingredients used have been scientifically proven to be safe for human consumption. Some of the components used are passion flower, hops, chamomile, melatonin, and 5-HTP. Passionflower has compounds that are good for improving muscle relaxation, inducing sleep and calming the mind. It is also potent in treating uneven heartbeats and ADHD. Chamomile is a flower extract that helps in lowering restlessness and sleeping problems. Hop is an essential ingredient that improves sleep in women that are undergoing menopause as it possesses sedative effects. Melatonin is influential in modifying the sleep-wake pattern. Lastly, 5-HTP is useful in treating sleeping problems such as insomnia. It also significantly lowers anxiety and depression. Besides, it increases serotonin levels, improves sleep patterns and moods.

Advantages of Using Relaxium Sleep  

  • It is not an addictive remedy
  • It improves the health of our brains as well as lowering anxiety, stress, and depression
  • It does not have side effects and hangovers
  • It is manufactured and sold by a dependable company
  • It offers the user a fulfilling and natural sleep


Disadvantages of Using Relaxium Sleep  

  • It is quite expensive compared to other sleep supplements
  • It contains a high level of melatonin which is sometimes a problem to several people
  • Some users claim that it does not workas stated
  • It sometimes interacts with other remedies

It is essential to take the only prescribed dosage by the doctor or consultant. Doctors recommend adults to take two capsules each day

Final verdict  

Insomnia is a psychological condition that makes our lives terrible. Insomnia can lead to anxiety, make us feel tense, and also fear any outcome of future happenings. For instance, restlessness, fatigue, and tiredness lower our day’s productivity. Therefore, Relaxium Sleep is the best option for insomnia casualties. According to numerous Relaxium Reviews, it has helped patients overcome insomnia. Ensure you try it for a good sleep and better life.

Using Driftoff as a Natural Sleep Supplement

Driftoff Overview  

Driftoff is one of the most popular natural sleep aid remedies in the market. It was primarily invented to help consumers enjoy their sleep. Some of the chemicals we consume hoping that they will improve our sleeping patterns may damage the sleeping cycle. However, we will now have a smooth and straightforward sleeping process, thanks to the invention of Driftoff that has been made with natural components.  

A sleeping process is mostly destroyed by long working hours, personal stress, worries, and depression. Using this remedy will entirely improve our sleeping patterns. Taking this product allows users to wake up feeling fresh with no hangover effects that are linked with other supplements. This supplement is packaged in bottles having sixty capsules that are supposed to be taken two at any moment. Preferably, they should be consumed thirty minutes before going to bed. Most online Driftoff natural sleep aid reviews recommend users to try this remedy if one is having sleeping difficulties. There are also no hangovers or side effects associated with Driftoff. The manufacturers have also significantly lowered its price to make it affordable for most consumers.

The Manufacturer’s Details  

A company known as Zhou Nutrition produces this remedy. The company is a professional manufacturer especially when manufacturing drugs to help our brains achieve good sleep. This company is located in Kansas City. They guarantee a sixty-day money refund making it one of the best guarantees in the health world.

How Driftoff Works  

Driftoff works by combining herbal and natural sleep supplements to help induce sleep efficiently and safely. It is vital to avoid non-natural ways of inducing sleep and prescription medications to prevent complications and side effects. We believe that the best bet is to go natural. Driftoff lowers the hormone levels and increases the sleep hormone levels. A high-stress hormone level keeps one awake till late in the night. Therefore, it is essential to lower its levels by using this supplement.

Driftoff ingredients  

Driftoff makes use of several components to regulate the performance of our brains. Some of the substances used to make Driftoff are listed below:


It is one of the essential amino acids in the remedy. It helps in nourishing the brain cells of a consumer thereby enhancing relaxation and comfort.  


This component is put into the remedy to improve sleeping patterns among the recipients entirely. It is also helpful in lowering the anxiety to those of us who may be overanxious.  


It is an organic herb that is useful in the formulation of Driftoff to fix insomnia problems.  


It is another natural component that is useful in producing Driftoff as it ensures consumers escape insomnia problems and sleep disorders.  


It is also a natural herb used in manufacturing Driftoff. It guarantees that a user gets comfortable sleep and does not have any insomnia.  


It is a muscle relaxer that fixes insomnia problems to consumers. The benefit thus is that a user will record a better sleep  


Our bodies usually produce it after realizing its bedtime. Nighttime activates its release, and it makes us feel sleepy. Without a healthy melatonin level, we will undoubtedly suffer. Using melatonin in Driftoff allows users to feel sleepy during the night.  

The Pros of Driftoff  

  • ConsumingDriftoffallows users to experience better sleep patterns that they didn’t have previously 
  • It significantly reduces anxiety
  • It induces sleep very fast
  • It offers perfect sleep moments
  • It uses great natural ingredients
  • It helps rebalance hormones
  • The overall well-being of the user will be high since they will get enough and satisfying sleep


The Cons of Driftoff  

There are no cons currently discovered as the overall usage has been beneficial to all consumers. It is giving consumers the best levels of sleep attainable. Users will also not experience any side effects after using this remedy.  

Final Verdict  

Driftoff is probably one of the best natural sleep aid remedy in the world today. The supplement is beneficial due to the ingredients it uses. Never again should a user use chemical substances from the shops to get better sleep. There are no cons in using Driftoff to obtain enough sleep. Using Driftoff will permanently help a user return to the standard sleep schedule. The overall result will be the user having good health and mood. Generally, it is an essential sleep aid remedy that can perform very well.

Luna natural sleep aid review

The Luna natural sleep aid is a sleep supplement that helps people to fall asleep faster and to have a sound sleep. The supplement works by interfering with body processes that inhibit sleep such as reduction of melatonin in the body hence promoting quality sleep to those who consume it. The supplement makes its consumer have a sense of relaxation and calmness, therefore, making him fall asleep faster. Luna natural sleep aid also fights stress and anxiety since they are the primary cause of lack of sleep and consequently, the consumer sleeps well.

Those who consume Luna natural sleep aid wakes up in the morning feeling relaxed, energetic and restful. The supplement is natural and therefore it does not have any side effect such as hangovers or drowsiness to its users.

Manufacturer information and claims about Luna natural sleep aid

Luna natural sleep aid supplement is a product manufactured by a company known as Nested Naturals. The manufacturers say that this product is naturally produced and scientific research done on it shows that it is safe for human consumption. The manufacturer’s clinical tests done on it proves that it is useful and it does not have side effects due to its natural nature. They say that Luna natural sleep aid is different from other sleep enhancement pills since it does not addict its consumers and it does not contain chemical drugs in it. They say that this supplement is of high quality since they follow strict set rules in its production to produce useful supplement without compromising the quality. They also assure that use of Lunar natural sleep aid will not affect the user’s health since it is free from chemicals and additives. Manufactures says that the use of this supplement helps one to catch sleep fast and also helps the user to sleep all night without waking up in intervals at night.

The ingredients of Luna natural sleep aid

Lunar natural aid supplement is a product that manufacturers say that it is formed using natural ingredients without incorporation of chemical substances. These ingredients are believed to comprehend each other, and therefore they make it useful when used giving high-quality results and benefit to the consumers. The following are some of the ingredients that are used when formulating Luna natural sleep aid.  

1. Valerian 

Valerian is a herb, and the sleep medicine is made from its roots. It treats inability to sleep by fighting stress hence promoting quality of the sleep 

2. Chamomile

It is a plant whose products have been used for a mild sedative. it is also used to better the quality of the sleep 

3. Lemon balm

Lemon balm is a well known perennial herb. It is used to bring a soothing effect and thus promoting sleep 

4. Melatonin

Melatonin is added to it, and it helps in correcting the sleeping patterns. 

Some of the pros of Luna natural sleep aid supplement. 

  1. The supplement helps in fighting anxiety and stress
  2. It is also known to boost the sleep quality and enhances restful quality sleep
  3. It helps the consumer to sleep the whole night without wakening up atintervals
  4. It is known for its ability to collect sleeping patterns.
  5. It helps the consumer to remain relaxed all night and daytime
  6. It is not addictive.


The disadvantages of Luna natural sleep aid

The manufacturers don’t give a guarantee of refunding the money once the product malfunctions.

Frequently asked questions.

Is there any precaution for the use of Luna supplement? 

In case one is pregnant, under 18 years old, or is under medication. One should contact a healthcare professional to give a complete aid to the use the Luna natural sleep supplement with their conditions. It should also be noted that it should not be used to cure any disease. Store the Luna supplement away from the reach of children and in a cool condition.

Side effects of Luna natural sleep aid

The manufacturers say that it does not have any side effect, but it is advisable to discontinue its use when one notes complication and to seek medication immediately.

The final verdict on Luna supplement.

The Luna natural sleep is a super product which is proven to enhance sleep for its users. The ingredients used in making this supplements have demonstrated to be effective in giving its consumer sound and quality sleep. The Luna natural sleep aid supplement is well formulated, and it has no known side effect to its consumers. It is therefore recommendable to the people who find it difficult to sleep, or those who wake up tired and irritated.