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You’re The Apple Of My Eye

I am ecstatic about this dietary antioxidant! Like most people, I have seen the word “antioxidant” here and there, but also like most people, I don’t accurately know what it is and what it does. So when I received press samples from Renovatio, I did some quick reading to get to its core.

Renovatio, an Australian superfood company, makes the world’s strongest antioxidants from Australian apples. Made from wholesome ingredients, the vegan products are sold as supplements and skin cream, and they are delivering extraordinary results across the world. And now, I’m the latest convert.

Consider this: The human body is made up of trillions of cells (hair, skin, organ, brain) and healthy cells means healthy body. However, our cells are under attack all the time from free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules missing an electron so they steal electrons from cells. These rotten baddies can come from air pollution, alcohol, stress, and are a by-product of the body’s systems. When free radicals attack, the cells become badly damaged and cause inflammation which leads to body pain, illnesses, and diseases.

The only prevention against these free radicals and their damaging effects is by consuming safe dietary antioxidants. Antioxidants move through the body assisting with cellular health. They mop up free radicals which damage cells causing serious health conditions such as cancer, inflammation and other chronic health conditions. Renovatio produces supplements and skin cream containing activated phenolics made from Australian apples. Activated phenolics are the super heroes of antioxidants because they are 12 times more potent than other antioxidants, because it is 90% abosorbed by the body. Renovatio was founded in Sydney, Australia and born as a result of 6 years of dedicated research by Indonesian-born Dr Vincent Candrawinata. Dr. Vincent achieved world health history when he discovered a way to extract activated phenolics from produce without the use of chemicals and solvents – the result being a bionic antioxidant which is easily absorbed by the body.

OK, science class’s over.

There are three products we are looking at here: dietary supplements Activated Phenolic Antioxidant Tablets and Activated Phenolics Powder, and APSKIN Face Cream. Face cream is no stranger to me, and tablets are fine, but I was not accustomed with powder supplements. After several weeks of apple-eyeing (applying!) all three, my fave product turns out to be the powder.

A scoop of the supplement is equivalent to 2kg of apples. A heaping teaspoon dissolved in water and taken twice a day is all there is to deliver the antioxidants into our body. The experience is not unlike drinking apple juice, with a familiar friendly flavor, while the sweetness has been curbed to a very mild level. Incredibly I feel great and happy whenever I drink this, perhaps the familiar fragrance of fresh apples is an uplifting factor. I have been sipping this every morning to jumpstart my day. I will save the capsules for when I travel since it more practical than packing a tub of powder into my suitcase (been striving to travel light these days).

The face cream is a pleasant surprise. It is moisturizing and also has a gentle apple fragrance which is lovely and calm-inducing. Even though the packaging is as plain as it gets with no frills, the cream itself feels great on my face and leaves a soft dewy finish. It is suitable for all skin types, and according to the brand, some people have even found that it heals eczema. You know what will be cool? If Renovatio can add body lotion to its product line in the future, so that  the entire body is taken care of inside and out.

This is a line of family-friendly products, so it is safe even for kids to take the supplements. For children, the antioxidant supplements help boost immunity support to fend off colds and flu, as well as improving concentration, learning, and brain functions. For adults, this superfood helps to fight off fatigue, expedite recovery after exercise, alleviate digestion and gut issues, and maintain healthy skin and hydration. For seniors 55 years and older, these dietary supplements help to prevent inflammatory joints and joint pains, protect liver, kidney and pancreas, improve memory, concentration and alertness, and strengthen the immune system.

As the saying goes: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. I am genuinely enjoying these products and will be introducing them to my parents, my sis, and my young nephews.

Renovatio can now be ordered online with free shipping in Singapore. Use code “MOONBERRY” to receive 10% discount at check out and start enjoying the benefits of activated phenolics in your daily supplements.